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Update 1.02.11

Our latest update has just been released.

Using our latest update, you are able to work even more easily with our planning system. We were able to create an even more improved way to read your task content with some improvements on our pagedesigns. It's also possible to see who has edited the task last time and when this happened.

- Improved overviews (styling)

- Scroll function added to tasks with large content

- Insight in the last edits of your tasks (who and when)

- CRM task tile added to different views

- Bugfix in calendarview (CRM task view)


Update 1.02.10

Our latest update has just been released.

Using our latest update, you can link all data of your relationship with the CRM (optional in your package). You can get insights into the contacts you maintain with your customer. Below are all the improvements to this update.

- Tasks linked to your CRM relations

- Mobile devices are compatible to use the update

- New button for adding a CRM linked task

- Search function is extended

- Bug fix when switching between months in the day view

Our website has been updated

Our website has been updated, we have implemented new techniques and improved some views. It is a lot easier to manage the website content. We are able to show you the latest application updates with the news item plugin added. Stay tuned!